Sunday Driving

by Thunderlip

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released January 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Thunderlip Wilmington, North Carolina

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Track Name: Bad Things in Threes
I could see me running out of breath. Stick a fork in me and bleed to death. You’ve gotta twist my arm to change my mind. So now I think I want to bleed today. I’ll light the fuse and blow it all away. I found out this contract’s not binding. I couldn’t dream of such an end. Bad things in threes will come again. It’s gonna take some time to take it all in. Bad things in threes will come along again. Some day you’ll learn your lesson. Some day you’ll get the best of me.
Track Name: Chutes and Ladders
Lay down. You’re gonna spill it on the mattress, baby. I’ll come and see you when you’re pushing daisies and tonight I’ll sleep with no sound. You keep hearing all these noises, baby. I’d go and see but I’m feeling lazy. It’s the thought that I’ll keep. Don’t sell me your bad luck charm. I’m on my feet again. I’m coming in hot like the bastard child that’s born to bleed and win. I’m coming in hot like the bastard child’s sin. Oh yeah. I want to play a game of chutes and ladders. It’s the only thing that really matters. Come along with me way down to a place where all the girls are sleazy and the world will never find us easy. It’s a promise I’ll keep. Come on… I’ll never make it through the nights alone. Come on, baby, Im built to please. Let me have my way and spread my disease. Come on… I’d love to love you and then leave before dawn. Come on, baby, set your mind at ease. Come on, baby, let me spread my disease.
Track Name: Punch this Pilot
Picture yourself in sunbeams with a gun. The moon is so jealous, my son. Shaking while waking and gasping for air. You’ve been there. You know you’ve been there. So be sure to lock the door when you hear that I’m coming home. Down with your scene says Maxwell for from a dream. With the look in his eyes he could bed any queen. Taking advantage of lactating ladies. I tell you he’s crazy and you won’t sleep tonight. We’re not thinking about you or the things that you say. We’re the pilots of nightmares and heard you’re feelong the same.
Track Name: Landslide Love
Sent south to crush a southern place and fell short until I dreamt your face but now I’m staring from the inside. Found refuge from the bloody moon. It was on the seventh day of june. Signed pacts assured my heart was alive. But you’ve got me locked up like a heart in a chainmail glove. Landslide love. Cant get enough of your landslide love. There’s no getting out alive. I’ve just gotta ride that landslide. New days are warm. My heart is true and conquered men will follow you and that has come with little surprise. I’ll sharpen blades and live so free and then one day I hope to see my chance to take just one more ride. I don’t want your landslide love and I don’t need your landslide love.
Track Name: No Good to be Good
I’m sick of pleasing public parasite. I’ve gotta jump this ship and drink the tide. The bathroom mirror reflects the fight and burning bridges inside my mind. Just gotta get out. Ive gotta resign these demons from my mind. They’ve been locked up for far too long. What do you do when right feels wrong sometimes? It’s no good to be good when you know that wrong is right. My mouth is bleeding battle cries and lies. The anchor sinks in deeper to disguise the paranoia and the fear of flight. Just want to claw in and dig out my eyes. The times are changing and my mind is weary. I know I’m losing sight. Ive gotta get outside and get a hand on the light. These days my dreams can only turn out dreary and I don’t want to fight. I’ve gotta get a grip. Got to steal the night. Tonight.
Track Name: Moon Over Her Majesty
Awaken from the weather comes whispers from within. Grab the girl. Stack the sticks. Let the sacrifice begin. Daylight brings dementia. Nighttime soaks up sin. Light the fire. Fan the flames. Send her back to him.
Track Name: Black Glove
Avalanche whispers of a satanic sister crushing down the village below. Seven shrouded men ascend to capture the concealer while all the kids are outside drawing pentagrams in the snow. What would pagans do? Pledge allegiance to the black glove. Come to collect his due. Pledge allegiance to the black glove. Blasphemous blistering the siren starts to sing the song I already know. Desperate lives and condescending fathers of the seers and all the first wives still keep singing “Fire in the Hole”. When the lights go out on love’s first song, I’ll keep the fire burning on. One bad shot and the fire comes to life with you. We want to see what the first born child’s gonna do.
Track Name: The Temple of Dude
Im very small but you cheat very big. These Asian eyes don’t lie. You dig? We brought you here but you don’t know to bring back the babies, Doctor Jones. You’ve climbed the highest mountains and sailed the deepest seas. You’ve drinkin from the fountain. You drink enough to say $%^&*(whatever Marion says in Raiders of the Lost Arc). Make sure the staff is long enough, baby. It’s gotta be just right. Make sure the staff is long enough, baby. So we can see light.
Track Name: Dare of the Hog
Little baby, what do you want to be? You keep pushing all your problems on me. Come and sit here on my lap. Together we could see. I think once so I don’t gotta think twice. Wanna play, girl? You’d better play nice cause you’ve been living up the better part of your nine lives. I got sick this morning. Drank the hair straight from the dog. I got sick withdrawing from your love. Man, these bees keep swarming. I’m glad the bottle caught my fall. I got sick withdrawing from your love. Walk along with me and stare at the sun. I’ll make you feel like you’re the only one until your mouth is filled with thoughts and the warmth of a gun. Always weary of the lingering spies. Keep your hands away from my only vice. You’d better learn to clinch your fist and keep your eyes on the prize.
Track Name: The Fires Hand
No. I won’t tell you what I know. I’ll tell you what I think about. I’ll bet you you’ll want to go. I can’t look you in the eyes. I think you want to say something so take off your disguise. The clock is ticking and your hourglass is fading fast. Its not going to last. The leaves are falling and your mind’s not in the know. Find your future in the fire’s hand. Change your plans. Take a chance. Change your tune so we can watch you go. See… No more days on bad seas. So if you find me in your heart I’m never saying please. Lies… I watch you as you lay. I through another olive branch and out the door I’ll fly. Only the the good boys lie. Only the good boys die. Fairly somber, high on slumber lose my number. Everybody wants some. This might be the last one.